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Leaf spring is a suspension system for vehicles that has been used as far back as medieval times. They were originally called carriage or laminated springs. Its system has been tried and true, primarily used on almost all vehicles up to the 1970’s and still today on trucks and vans that haul heavy loads.


The spring leaf is made up of an arc-shape, slender piece of steel that is stacked with the same material in smaller sizes and bolted together creating a reinforced bow-like item. It is then attached to the rear axle and the chassis providing support to any additional weight that is added to a vehicle, preventing the axle from buckling in and snapping from the pressure of an extreme amount of weight that it was not originally designed to carry.


The overall purpose of a leaf spring is to provide support for a vehicle. It also provides for a smoother ride absorbing any bumps or potholes in the road. Leaf springs are also used to locate the axle and control the height at which the vehicle rides and helps keep the tires aligned on the road. Because of its benefits, leaf springs are in high demand. Casual transportation is just one of the ways leaf springs have contributed to our transportation industry. These days, leaf springs are more popular with heavy commercial vehicles like trucks, SUVs, and vans. Its applications in industry are as follows:

You Should Know

  • Farming - Improvements like the leaf spring made it easier and faster for farmers to haul and transport goods for trade. Although the design of the leaf spring has improved over the years, the same concept is used in todays farming.
  • Industrial Equipment- Without the use of leaf springs, construction vehicles would not be able tote heavy loads. It is important for construction vehicles to be able to carry heavy items like brick, stone, concrete and other massive materials. It really doesn’t matter how large a vehicle is, if it isn’t designed to support overbearing loads, it will not carry out its duty, resulting in breakdowns and unnecessary costs. In addition to transporting construction items, leaf springs are also beneficial to areas that tend to receive high amounts of snow. Plowing high volumes of snow can get heavy once it freezes. Having your trucks equipped with heavy duty leaf springs will alleviate any unnecessary stress, making it last though the winter.

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