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Is your vehicle pulling to the right or left? Squealing while turning?? Becoming difficult to turn or delivering a bumpy ride?? The suspension and steering systems on your vehicle are responsible for maintaining directional stability, comfortable riding conditions and overall driving performance. While the individual components comprising each suspension system may vary, all suspension system components will weaken over time through stress applied during normal driving conditions. Similarly, off-road driving and erratic driving can wear down suspension components more quickly. Regardless of your driving preferences, we have the necessary equipment to identify and correct any issue plaguing your steering and suspension system. Our staff is trained to inspect the steering and suspension components in order to determine whether your service will entail a minor adjustment or a replacement.

Our Services

Leaf springs are subject to wear and tear over the course of several years, largely because of the various moving parts that comprise the springs. Leaf springs can also start to lag from prolonged periods of uneven weight distributions from within a vehicle. In any case, leaf springs should be checked at regular durations, which would be every 20000km for most trucks. With certain trucks, there might be a shorter recommended interval, so it's always best to check with your auto manufacturer. There are two options for handling worn-out leaf springs. They either can be replaced, which can be pretty expensive for a set of four, or they can get retensioned, which is not too expensive. For such retensioning pay us a visit at our workshop and we will be glad to assist you for a truly authentic leaf spring suspension!

Put an end to unnecessary stress on your suspension. Get rid of the squat, the rough ride… and headlights aimed too high. Level out the load (and reduce your stress) with Timbren SES upgrades. Want to gain better performance for your SUV? Timbren SES suspension upgrades provide both excellent ride quality and more stability even under the toughest of loads..

In addition to the above technical services we also offer round the clock basic suspension components replacement such as shocks, struts, ball joints and much more. The suspension system is one of the most important aspects to your comfort and safety when you are driving. If you suspect that there is a problem with your vehicle’s suspension system, schedule an appointment and bring it in right away. Your safety and the safety of others depends on making sure that suspension system stays in good working condition.

Our Team

The key to any project are the people who manage its day to day responsibilities. As a staff, our team is firmly committed to excellence and strives each and everyday to exceed our client’s expectations. Each member of our team is skilled in their sector and takes pride in the opportunities they are granted each day. From home office management to workshop supervision, everyone understands our goals and works together each step of the way.